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GO BEYOND!!!!! I’m not much a video editor, but I’d be lying if this didn’t pump ME up!!!!!This is my client, Christian. In Spring of 2021, he was diagnosed with Covid-19. His condition got so bad, he was eventually hospitalized. Before he knew it, he needed to be hooked up to an oxygen machine to […]

Client Spotlight: Christian

Let me tell you about my client, Jen… Jen and I started working together in April 2019. She was hoping to find a Las Vegas personal trainer who would be sympathetic and understanding of her personal challenges. Not only that, she intended to find a female trainer because she was unsure whether a male trainer […]

Jen: The Key is Effort

Why Lifting Weights Can Be So Potent for Aging Well My client, Judi, is 75 years young and one of the fittest people I’ve ever worked with. (Of course, she’s extremely modest when I tell her that.) She’s been working out long before it became a fad. Her healthy lifestyle was a major part of […]

Judi: A Shining Example of Great Health


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