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Client Spotlight: Christian


I’m not much a video editor, but I’d be lying if this didn’t pump ME up!!!!!This is my client, Christian. In Spring of 2021, he was diagnosed with Covid-19. His condition got so bad, he was eventually hospitalized. Before he knew it, he needed to be hooked up to an oxygen machine to keep his lungs working. As Christian previously told me, he thought it might be the end…

Thankfully, Christian made a slow but steady recovery. We began working together in late Fall last year. I made sure to take baby steps with his training regimen. As someone who (also) contracted Covid-19 (in Fall of 2020), I can tell you it’s imperative to take your time getting back into a workout regimen post-Covid.

I’m very proud of Christian and his work ethic. He’s busted his tail these past couple of months. With his (physically demanding) engineering background, we’ve made great strides with his flexibility and mobility. Not only did we need to get him back to good health post-covid, it was just as important we improved the way he felt during and after work. He has far less pains and aches than he used to. So we’re on the right track!

I always tell clients I expect effort, NOT perfection. That’s exactly what Christian gives: EFFORT! 💪🏽🔥🎶

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