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Introducing: Plus Ultra Fitness

Hey there! Welcome to first ever Plus Ultra Fitness blog.

My name is Chase Oliver (you may also know me as Chase The Trainer), the owner of Plus Ultra Fitness. 

Allow me to give you a little introduction to the new studio!

Who are we and what services do we provide?

Plus Ultra Fitness is exclusively a private personal training studio based in Las Vegas, NV. We are not a membership gym. There are only two personal trainers: myself, and my very good friend, Mike Hamilton. We offer 1-on-1 personal training and small group training of no more than 2-4 people at a time. Our mission is to create an uplifting, unique atmosphere, while helping clients achieve their goals, and become Las Vegas’ favorite private personal training studio.

What does the name “Plus Ultra” mean? 

“Plus Ultra” derives from a Latin phrase meaning, “Going further beyond.” Today, the phrase is more commonly recognized from an astronomically popular Japanese manga/Anime series called, My Hero Academia. Ultimately, we chose the name Plus Ultra Fitness because 1) We are of the belief every single one of us are capable of going further beyond our perceived limitations, and 2) Simple. We’re big fans of My Hero Academia!

What are the primary colors of our logo?

The primary colors are purple, black, pink, and white. Combined together, it exudes boldness, determination, and relentlessness.

What does our logo of the fox and fire represent? 

Our logo was inspired by a story you might be familiar with…

There once was a fox demon spirit entrapped in the soul of a young boy. The fox made the boy’s life extremely difficult. For many years, it seemed like things would never change for the better. However, as time went on, and as the boy grew into a man, his relentless determination enabled him to conquer the demon fox spirit. Interestingly enough, the boy (now a man) did not slay the demon fox when given the opportunity to do so. Instead, he showed the fox mercy. Because of this, the demon fox’s own heart began to change from one of wickedness, to one of compassion and empathy. Eventually, the two of them would combine forces to protect the world from formidable foes and become legends.

You see…the fox represents what was once our worst fear, can be turned into our greatest ally. If we find the strength within ourselves to persevere, all of us are capable of conquering any limitations put in front of us. All of us can ascend from the fire, becoming stronger than we ever could have imagined. 

Which brings me to the Plus Ultra Fitness mantra…

What is our mantra?

The Plus Ultra Fitness mantra encompasses three significant words representing life as a whole: Endure. Elevate. Evolve. 

Everyone faces adversity, but we all have a choice in how we overcome the challenges life throws at us. There may be moments we feel discouraged, helpless, or even defeated, but we power through and ENDURE life’s challenges. We ELEVATE ourselves in order to rise above those challenges. As a result, this allows us to EVOLVE as individuals to become better in mind, body, and spirit. That’s what Plus Ultra Fitness is all about.

We look forward to serving all of Las Vegas soon. Be sure to check back for updates on our opening date!

  1. Cindy LaFortune says:

    So excited for you and and all of those fortunate enough to be your clients! Can’t wait for the grand opening!

  2. Kathy Schrecengost says:

    Hi Chase,
    Congrats and all the best. Email me when you open and where you will be located. You use to train my dad, Guy. Maybe we can all train with you – a whole family deal. Anyways, congrats and all the best. Kathy – Guy’s daughter

    • Chase Oliver says:

      Hi Kathy! Thank you for the kinds words. Of course I remember you and your Dad. I’ll be more than happy to follow up with you as I get closer to the studio’s opening date. (My apologies for the late reply. For some reason I never received a notification through my email.) Hope all is well with you and the family!

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