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Judi: A Shining Example of Great Health

Why Lifting Weights Can Be So Potent for Aging Well

My client, Judi, is 75 years young and one of the fittest people I’ve ever worked with. (Of course, she’s extremely modest when I tell her that.) She’s been working out long before it became a fad. Her healthy lifestyle was a major part of her upbringing due to her very physically active father who was a member of the US Armed Forces and lived to be 100!

She’s no stranger to weight training. Back when dumbbells and weight machines were predominantly used by men in the 60’s, she was one of the few ladies showin’ the fellas who’s boss! Judi also spent many years competing in horse back riding. Even has the scars to prove it! In fact, she was in a serious horse back riding accident in the 70’s that almost required the amputation of her right arm from her elbow down. Fortunately, after nearly 2 years of physical therapy and surgeries, her arm was saved. Be careful, though. If you mess with her, you’ll get a clothesline with a metallic forearm! 😮

Judi is the personification of what a happy and healthy lifestyle looks like. She enjoys exercising as much as she did when her father first taught her how to perform push-ups. There’s no doubt this sweet lady is one tough athlete!

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