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Why I Decided to Get Vaccinated

Hey folks! Chase (the owner) here.

Despite the times (seemingly) improving from last year’s pandemic, there were many things I needed to take into consideration with the opening of Plus Ultra Fitness. One of which was the decision on whether, or not to get vaccinated.

I hope you take a moment to read the following as to why I ultimately decided to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Reason #1: 

I contracted Covid-19 in November of 2020. It was no walk in the park. Some describe it as the flu, but I can assure you, it ain’t your ordinary flu. I experienced muscle aches, shortness of breath (lasted 2 days), a severely backed up throat, lost my sense of taste (took 2 months to fully return), and extreme fatigue that lasted over a week. In addition to these…fun symptoms, my body suffered a major setback in my physical therapy. Prior to getting sick, I was in the process of working out more normally and becoming closer to a pain-free body from old injuries stemming back to 2018. Contracting Covid nearly wiped all my hard work and effort in a matter of days. Fortunately, I never needed hospitalization, but it’s fair to say Covid kicked my caramel macchiato ass.

Even though I already contracted Covid this past Fall, there was still a chance I could be infected again, have no side effects, and unknowingly pass that along to someone else. 

Reason #2

I was never an anti-vaccine person, but I had my questions. So what did I do? Well, what everyone should’ve done/should be doing. Hop on the web and do some “homework” via the University of Google. What did I do in addition to that? Speak to medical professionals about what I discovered from my research to ensure I wasn’t misinformed. Every person I’ve spoken to in the medical field, be it a family member, friend, or even clients of mine, were overwhelmingly in 100% agreement: the vaccine is SAFE. 

Yes, I am aware people might feel a little lousy after the first or second injection. This is no different from any other vaccine. As I’ve learned through the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control Prevention and local health affiliates, if you’re feeling funky after getting vaccinated it’s because your immune system is literally at work. As Dr. John Brownstein, the chief innovation officer at Boston’s Children Hospital and Harvard epidemiology professor puts it, “Immunization is an attempt to sort of trick your body into thinking that you’ve had an actual it’ll give you a feeling like you’re sick, but in fact, you are not.” 

The Covid vaccine doesn’t 100% guarantee I won’t get infected again. However, with the Moderna vaccination at a 94% effectiveness rate, I’m willing to bet I’ll be just fine. And yes, I am aware there is a mere fraction of the 100+ million Americans vaccinated who suffered serious side effects due to the vaccine, but fortunately it is exceedingly rare

Reason #3

This is the most important reason: To better protect those around me. Especially my clients.

When the pandemic struck, a lot of clients opted to no longer train with me due to Covid concerns. These weren’t only clients over the age of 55 or with pre-existing conditions either. They were older and younger clients who simply didn’t feel comfortable training in a larger gym setting. Many work in the public sector, the medical field, or work in close proximity with other people in general. Even if a client personally felt comfortable returning to training, several of them lived with loved ones who were more susceptible to serious effects of the virus. For that reason, they (understandably) stayed away from larger gym venues with their loved ones in mind.

I knew by providing a smaller, private training environment during these times, clients would feel far more peace of mind while training. However, I felt it was my responsibility to take it a step further. As the owner of Plus Ultra Fitness, a personal trainer, and an individual who promotes wellness, I’m getting vaccinated to further ease the minds of the people I work with on a daily basis. Their health and safety will always be priority #1. 

This isn’t about politics for me. It’s about science, data, and being courteous of those around me.

But don’t worry, y’all. You’ll be the first to know if I spontaneously combust.

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    I’d just like to say I have yet to receive my t shirt.

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