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Plus Ultra Fitness 1 Year Anniversary

It’s officially the ONE YEAR anniversary of Plus Ultra Fitness!

Let me tell ya. These past 365 days were a doozy!

I’ll keep this blog short n’ sweet. (The longer, drawn out blog will be saved for my 10 year anniversary as a personal trainer in February 2023!!)

Opening Plus Ultra Fitness as a small mom n’ pop operation was one of the most terrifying and gratifying decisions of my life. (Knock on wood the gratification aspect continues. LOL!) 

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone’s support and the clients who’ve chosen me as their personal trainer. Plus Ultra Fitness was created to provide a smaller, private training environment for clients seeking a more personalized atmosphere. A place where even the walls emit positive energy. Above all else, a training facility where clients can count on their trainer’s support and encouragement to give their very best. 

I look forward to continuing my training services here in Las Vegas. 

Year 1 is in the books. Onward to year 2!

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