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Jen: The Key is Effort

Let me tell you about my client, Jen…

Jen and I started working together in April 2019. She was hoping to find a Las Vegas personal trainer who would be sympathetic and understanding of her personal challenges. Not only that, she intended to find a female trainer because she was unsure whether a male trainer would be a “good fit.” It’s not uncommon for female clients to seek out female trainers. Frankly, a client should train with whoever they feel comfortable with, period. However, it didn’t take long for Jen to see I was more than willing and prepared to take baby steps with her, and guide her in the right direction.

Since we began training, Jen has lost nearly 90 pounds in 2+ years. This has not been a silky smooth process. Plenty of bumps in the road. Plenty of setbacks. Plenty of life challenges. Plenty of self-doubt. What I continuously told her was all that matters is she puts effort into everything she does; even when it feels like she’s standing still, it won’t be long before she’s taken another step forward. Some days will go great. Others, not so much. What she, (and so many other people needed to understand) is every single person’s weight loss/fitness journey is different. Some people can crush their goals in a shorter time span. For others, it may take longer due to a variety of factors. Everyone goes at their own pace.

The video on the left is of her performing a TRX Row on our first day. On the right is the same exercise from this past week. The difference in body weight isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Look at the difference in tempo and control. What does her body language and facial expressions indicate to you in each respective clip? This is not the same person I started working with over two years ago.

I’m extremely proud of Jen. She still has a tendency to be really hard on herself despite how much she’s achieved. Every session I remind her of how far she’s come, and to take everything one day at a time. I know she’s going to be just fine. 😃

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